Nutrition and Genetics


You are what you eat and I can help you to achieve your best health, fitness and physique via a holistic nutrition plan. A plan, that takes in account not only your food preferences and dietary restrictions, but also your current mindset, health status, lifestyle and values around nutrition. I will work WITH YOU to create an easily adaptable nutrition strategy that will make you feel happy and energised instead of hangry. 


Your health, body shape and fitness are all influenced by both nature and nurture – part genes and part environment. And while you can certainly modify environmental factors that influence your health (diet, exercise, training and medicine), recent studies show that knowing a little about your genes can help you get better results fast.

One recent study showed that people on diets suited to their genes lost roughly five times more weight than those on mismatched diets, and another showing that genetic profiling of athletes may help individuals decide what to focus on to achieve bigger and better things.

Because we are all different, we need health plans designed to meet our specific requirements. Our bodies respond differently to environmental factors and what might be the best diet or exercise for one person, will not necessarily work for someone else.

A genetic test only needs to be done once in your life, as your genes don’t change. The results enable me to give you the best advice on how to optimise your environment to support your gene expression and provide you with a personalised nutrition and training plan based on fact, not guess work, helping you to achieve your best possible health and fitness status.

It’s absolutely possible for every single person to be healthy, fit and trim but some of us need to put in a little more effort and time than the others, or at least be a bit more specific with nutrition and training.

Here are some of the cool genetic tests now available to the general public…

Genetic testing packages 

Each package includes:

  • Initial consultation and sample collection (20min)
  • Genetic test
  • Nutrition consultation 
  • Dietary, supplementation, exercise and lifestyle guidelines 

Health and Wellbeing Package

The most comprehensive test. 

  • Inflammation
  • Cell Defence
  • Vitamin D Receptors
  • Methylation and Homocysteine Metabolism
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Fat Metabolism and Cholesterol Regulation 

Food Sensitivities and Intolerances

  • Coeliac disease risk
  • Alcohol tolerance
  • Caffeine sensitivity
  • Lactose tolerance
  • Salt sensitivity

Health and Wellbeing + Food Sensitivities bundle 

Carb Choice 

This test will tell you exactly whether you should be on low, moderate or high carb diet. Unless you have issues related to insulin or unless you are overweight (which you are not), or an athlete, I don’t think this one is necessary. It’s a separate test.


Are you too busy to shop and cook every day but don’t want to eat takeaways and processed snacks? I will teach you how to prepare your meals from local seasonal produce. My method is simple, healthy, quick, cost-effective, sustainable and environmentally friendly. And YUMMY!