“It is an absolute pleasure to write Veronika a testimonial. I have been training with Veronika since 2016.  Not only has she been able to change my body into the best it’s ever been, but she has also changed the way I approach my training, diet and injuries too. 

When I met Veronika, I had given birth to my first baby, had 3 hip surgeries (all before 30 years of age) and although not being overweight, I had never quiet been happy with how my body looked.

What I loved about Veronika from our first session was her straightforwardness and no fuss attitude to getting results. Nothing was out of reach to strive for in her opinion and if an obstacle came my way, we would just modify things and go around it. We have done this so many times in the last 3+years.

I am now, virtually injury free thanks to her one-on-one strength sessions as well as guidance with my running programs and technique. I’ve been able to win the annual Bondi soft sand mile race as well as the 2020 NSW state surf lifesaving soft sand 2km event.

On top of all this she helped to reset the way I see food and my diet. In my 33 years I never could get the balance right to maintain a good weight. Veronika showed me that with the right training, sometimes less is more, and smart food choices you can get even better results. This has been 100% true in my case. I now don’t deny myself anything and look and feel better than I ever have before.”

Rique Miroshnik 

Nurse, Business Owner (www.thisface.com.au), Athlete, Mother of 2

“Without Veronika’s conviction and expertise, my recovery from a catastrophic cycling accident would not have been as great. Her professionalism and infectious positive outlook motivated me to continue pushing myself despite the obstacles, pain and frustrations suffered as a result of my injuries.

Her extensive breadth of knowledge allows her to vary our sessions to accommodate my ever changing needs during the healing process. Veronika’s immense network of fellow professionals, doctors and physiotherapists was also an invaluable resource.

Finally, as a fellow athlete, Veronika has an enormous amount of empathy and fully understands the recovery journey. Veronika helped facilitate my strong desire to reclaim a high level of fitness despite my limitations.” 

Hans Dean, CEO at Depreciator Pty Ltd

“An incredibly experienced trainer and exercise physiologist who over recent years has constantly broadened her health skills and knowledge to provide truly wholistic support to her clients ,particularly those dealing with specific chronic issues that require deeper analysis and tailored programs.

Veronika is an authentic role model who walks her talk through living a healthy, balanced lifestyle with a resilient, positive attitude. She has worked hard to overcome her own injuries whilst training towards sporting goals and understands the mindset and challenges of a competitor regardless of their level.

Veronika was a big part in my motorsport achievements including a 2015 Carrera Cup Championship, helping me to overcome a host of injuries and the constant challenge of ankalosing spondylitis. She showed her care factor in travelling interstate to be a part of the presentation.

Behind the smile and easy going nature is a professional who is extremely serious about helping people that want to be helped in their fitness and wholistic health goals. Whether you are overcoming a complex health or injury challenge or simply want to be fitter and work with a  great trainer you should reach out to Veronika.”

Shane Smollen – Sydney based businessman and motorsport competitor with titles in Carrera Cup and Australian GT.

“Meeting Veronika was a game changer in my life. I don’t say these words lightly, I am not easily impressed. As someone with a lung disease, I thought I was fairly good at looking after myself. I thought I ate fairly well, did not smoke, did not drink, was not overweight but recognised I was not exactly fit so needed the help of someone to get my fitness up.

Not only has training with her had an unbelievable effect on my fitness but also my health and habits. My breathing and lungs have never been better, my doctors are amazed. I have had so many comments about how I look, my skin has one of those glows naturally that I thought only came from good makeup, my nails are stronger. I have muscles I have never seen.

I have had trainers on and off in the past, but no one comes close to the level of education, support and guidance that Veronika provides. She is a no nonsense, exceptional trainer.”

Jo Radnidge – Sugar and Sas – Visit her site here

“I have been seeing Veronika from when I first moved to Sydney for my modelling and TV roles around 7yrs ago. She is an absolute wealth of knowledge and advice, her programs have consistently delivered better results than any other form of exercise I have committed to.

She continues to advance her education within the fitness and health industry and can be 100% trusted to get you to where you want to be, deliver credible information and a truly enjoyable workout. I couldn’t recommend her MORE!”

Kate Peck – Channel 10 Motorsport Reporter and Model